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Does My Child Need Glasses?

While each and every child is unique and individual, there tend to be some similarities. Kids love a good swing set or playground, and they love having some screen time. Kids also tend to be pretty curious, and they always seem to grow up way too fast. There’s another pretty common thing that kids share with one another (and it’s more than just germs and viruses from their kindergarten classmates): glasses.

Sure, not every child has glasses right now — though 1 in 4 children under the age of 18 utilizes some form of corrective vision technology, such as glasses or contact lenses. However, nearly every person on the planet will wear glasses at some point of their life (oftentimes in our older age). But you, as a parent, might be wondering about whether your child is in need of glasses, and if that’s the case, our eye doctor at Bayside Eye Center is here to help. Learn more about whether your child should come in for a visit, and schedule an appointment or call with questions today!

Signs to Watch For:

In some instances, your child might be showing signs of needing glasses from a very early age; in other cases, their vision is sufficing for the time being. Here are just a few of the symptoms that indicate your child should see an eye doctor, as described by Johns Hopkins Medicine:

They have a weak (lazy) eye.

For very young children, you can probably notice fairly quickly if they have an amblyopic eye (often referred to as a “lazy eye”). If this is the case, a visit with the eye doctor is absolutely warranted. Your doctor will recommend treatment options, and in many cases, glasses are recommended to help strengthen the eye. Talk with your child’s regular doctor to get their input, and feel free to call Bayside Eye Center with any questions about amblyopia.

They’re squinting.

This is one of the most common signs of a child needing a visit with an eye doctor. Squinting usually happens when a child (or really, a person of any age) is trying to bring an object into focus. Whether you see your child squinting as they read their favorite Harry Potter book for the fourth time, or catch them squinting at signs or words that are slightly further away, it’s a good time to get them to the eye doctor.

They’re struggling in school.

This might seem like a strange one, but you’d be surprised by the number of kids who do a complete 180 in the classroom after getting glasses. If your kid can’t see the board, and doesn’t realize their vision is struggling, it makes a bit of sense why they might not be doing their work, or feeling engaged with the lessons. Talk with their teacher to see if they’ve noticed anything, see if it’d be a possibility to move them closer to the front, and continue watching to see if you notice any squinting or other issues. And of course, schedule a visit with your local Punta Gorda eye doctors at Bayside Eye Center.

They’ve been complaining of headaches.

Frequent headaches are pretty uncommon for children — unless, that is, if they’re in need of glasses. If your child has been getting headaches, or has headaches after certain moments (such as reading or being in class), this can be a sign that they’re in need of glasses. Our eye doctors would be happy to help.

If your child is experiencing some signs of needing glasses, it’s a great idea to get them in for an eye exam. At Bayside Eye Center, we offer a number of optometry services, along with an incredible selection of glasses to choose from. We’re confident that you’ll choose Bayside as your eye clinic of choice, for everyone in your family! Contact us today to get an appointment set up.

Written by Todd Lang

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