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Eye Disease Diagnosis & Management

Punta Gorda Eye Disease Diagnosis And Management

There are a range of eye diseases that, if left untreated, can quickly lead to vision loss and blindness. Early detection is key: and routine eye exams are a vital part of early intervention, especially for people over 65.

At Center For Sight, we have the knowledge, expertise, and technology to detect, diagnose, and successfully manage eye diseases.

Common Eye Diseases

Did you know? Many eye diseases are asymptomatic, meaning they will often not display symptoms until some aspect of vision has already been compromised.

Here are some common eye diseases diagnosed and managed by our team of experts:

AMD occurs when the macula, the central portion of the retina responsible for detailed and color vision, deteriorates causing vision loss, distorted vision, and blind spots.

The number of people with AMD is estimated to reach 2.95 million by 2020, and is the leading cause of permanent impairment of vision among adults aged 65 years and older. At Center For Sight, we diagnose and manage countless patients suffering from both dry and wet AMD.

Diabetic eye disease refers to eye-related disorders that can form when there is an excess of sugar in the blood caused by diabetes. These can include:

Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy occurs when high blood sugar levels damage the blood vessels in the retina, causing them to swell and leak blood or fluid into the retina. A very serious condition, it can lead to blindness if not diagnosed and treated quickly and effectively.

Diabetic Macular Edema

Diabetic macular edema develops when fluid builds up in the macula, the part of the retina responsible for central vision, and causes swelling and blurry vision. If untreated, diabetic macular edema can lead to permanent vision loss.

Cataracts form when the proteins in the lens of the eye become cloudy. Cataracts typically form as a result of ageing, but can occur much earlier in those with diabetes. Symptoms of cataracts include blurry vision that can’t be corrected with glasses or contact lenses, a dimming of colors, and glare at night. Cataracts are treatable with cataract surgery.

Glaucoma is categorized as damage to the optic nerve, the part of the visual system that carries information from your eyes to your brain. It is often caused by ocular hypertension, or a higher than normal pressure inside the eye that occurs when excess fluid in the front area of the eye builds and cannot properly drain. This causes pressure and damage to the eye’s optic nerve, often leading to irreversible peripheral vision loss. Diabetes dramatically increases your chance of getting glaucoma, and therefore it is important to monitor with Diabetic Eye Exams.

Keratoconus is a condition that results from an irregularly shaped cornea, which prevents light from focusing correctly on the retina. When a patient has keratoconus, the normally round cornea becomes thin and cone-shaped, causing blurred or distorted vision that can not be easily corrected with glasses.

Modern Technology For the Best Care

At Center For Sight, we firmly believe that staying up to date with the newest equipment is key to providing our patients the best possible care. Our knowledge and skill in the following cutting-edge medical technology allow us to identify problems sooner and provide better outcomes for our patients. Using advanced diagnostic technology our experienced optometrists are able to detect, diagnose, and manage eye diseases before they begin to cause severe vision problems.

A wide-angle retinal camera, the Optos Daytona takes images that cover approximately 80% of the retina at once, in a single non-contact image. Because of its aperture and ability for high quality scans, the patient’s pupil does not require dilation before use.

The OptoVue provides a cross-sectional scan of the internal structures of the retina and optic nerve. It is extraordinarily helpful in evaluating age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma.

Diopsys is a type of non-invasive electro-diagnostic device that assists in the early diagnosis of glaucoma, macular degeneration, and other diseases of the eye and visual system.

The Keratron Corneal Topographer maps the curvature of your cornea. This device is used for contact lens fittings, identifying astigmatism, and detecting more serious eye conditions such as keratoconus.

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