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Dry Eye Syndrome

Our eyes require moisture for optimal comfort, health, and function. When our eyes do not receive sufficient lubrication, dry eye syndrome, a common problem resulting in dry, irritated, and gritty-feeling eyes can occur.

What Are Dry Eyes?

Dry eyes occur due to a lack of moisture on the surface of the eyes. The tear film consists of water, oil, and mucus. When the tear film is compromised – by either a lack of tear production or an imbalance in the layers of moisture – the result is dry, irritated, uncomfortable eyes.

What Causes Dry Eyes?

In addition to an abnormality in how the eyelids produce tears, other causes of dry eyes can include:

Dry Eye Treatments

Artificial Tears are eye drops that mimic your own natural tears. You can purchase them without a prescription and they can be used as needed to facilitate ocular lubrication.

Medicated eye drops may be prescribed by your optometrist to relieve your dry eyes. Depending on your symptoms and treatment plan, these drops can help to lubricate your eyes, stimulate tear production, and relieve inflammation.

Often times, tears drain through the eyelid drainage ducts too quickly to retain moisture on the surface of eyes. In this case, punctal plugs, small implants placed into the drainage ducts on the upper and lower lids, may be recommended. These plugs are easily removable, if you experience an excess of tears.

If you wear contact lenses, we will carefully examine your eyes to assess if both the brand and the fit of your contact lenses are right for you. There are several types and brands of contact lenses available, so switching your brand to a silicone hydrogel or daily disposable option may correct your dry eye symptoms.

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Our location in downtown Punta Gorda makes your visit to the optometrist as convenient as possible. Our central location is easily accessible and we have parking available for all our patients. Find us across from the Herald Court Garage on the corner of Highway 41 Northbound and E Olympia Ave.

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