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Signs It’s Time to Visit Our Eye Clinic Hero

Signs It’s Time to Visit Our Eye Clinic

There’s nothing better than treating yourself at lunchtime to a tasty, delectable, deliciously ordinary sandwich. You get out of the office for a little bit, soak in some sun and fresh air, drive with a coworker, and get up to the counter to place your order. As you start the internal and never-ending debate of what sounds the best, you realize there’s a problem—you can’t really see the menu. The overhanging board full of amazing ingredients and various forms of chipotle ranch dressing have become fuzzier, if not indistinguishable. You realize with sudden clarity—it’s time to get new glasses.

Of course, we can usually tell when we need glasses (especially those of us who are four-eyed and proud). But there are actually many other indicators that mean it’s time for new glasses or a new prescription, past the general blurriness that progresses over time. Take a look at when it’s time to see your trusted optometrist Dr. Lang, and book an eye exam with our clinic today!

You notice a change in your vision.

Over 60 percent of the population currently wears glasses or contact lenses, according to a 2013 study. More likely than not, you are part of the majority, and are used to the feeling of having a vision change. You might notice your prescription is just not cutting it as much as it used to—a change that can be slight, but still significant. If you feel that your eyesight has worsened, it’s definitely a sign to schedule a visit to our eye clinic in Punta Gorda.

Additionally, even if you’ve never worn glasses, the likelihood of you eventually needing glasses is practically imminent. In fact, the same aforementioned study mentions that nearly 100 percent of people over the age of 65 need to wear glasses. If you haven’t needed professional eye care in the past, but notice a change in your vision, you are almost guaranteed to need a prescription. Any changes for your eyes are one of the first signs that it’s time to get glasses.

If you’re in the latter category of prospective glasses wearers, you might be wondering what a change in vision might feel like. The edges of things you see might be blurrier, words and letters might blend together (or their outlines/shapes are hard to see), and you often will find yourself squinting your eyes in attempts to make things clearer. If any of these signs resonate with you, it’s time for a trip to Bayside Eye Center.

You’ve started getting headaches.

Especially for those wearing glasses, sometimes the changes in your eye prescription might be so seemingly slight that they go unnoticed. However, developing headaches could definitely be a sign that something’s not right with your vision. Granted, headaches could be attributed to any number of things, but as Healthy Women reports, “Headaches may be attributed to farsightedness or astigmatism, which can cause both close and distant objects to appear blurry.” If headaches are hardly the norm for you but have become a more frequent event, it might be time to get your vision checked once again by your favorite eye clinic and optometrist Dr. Lang.

You’re seeing halos around light.

Just as blurriness can take place with print or objects as a whole, the article in Healthy Women also reports that “Light can become scattered or blurry when your eyes can’t focus light correctly.” This might not simply be attributed to worsening vision, but could also signal early signs of cataracts—either way, a great time to get an eye exam scheduled.

You haven’t been to the eye doctor in two years (or more).

The time between visits for eye doctors is slightly different than visits to the dentist or doctors. If you’ve never been to the eye doctor and you’re an adult, it’s probably a good idea to schedule one—after which, they will advise you on when you should next schedule a visit with an eye clinic. If you have a prescription, the frequency of visits should increase. Oftentimes, those with contact lenses either have them delivered, or pick them up from an eye clinic, but don’t stop in for an appointment. Having eye health issues that might be more significant will likely require a visit once a year (or possibly more), but for the average bespectacled Brad, once a year or once every two years might be fine. That is, of course, unless your skilled optometrist suggests otherwise.

Even in the event you’ve felt like everything is fine with your eyes, more than two years from your last appointment is a definite reason to schedule a checkup. Eye exams that are scheduled routinely and correctly are the best preventative measure to your eye health as a whole—it’s much better to get a potential problem figured out early than deal with the consequences later.

Your eyes are something you use every day, all the time (sleep excluded, of course). With this in mind, it’s completely of the essence for you to have healthy eyes that have the correct prescription. There are a number of reasons that you should visit your eye clinic, but the one thing they all have in common is that your needs can be best addressed at Bayside Eye Center. Our optometrist Dr. Lang is highly skilled in eye exams and eye care, and our team can help you find the perfect glasses with compassion. Schedule your next eye appointment with our eye clinic today!

Written by Todd Lang

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